Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park 601 East 17th Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46202 ”] The landmark for peace is located within Indianapolis’ dr. Martin Luther King jr. Park. In 1995, President Clinton came to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park to dedicate the memorial, “Landmark for Peace” commemorating the site where Robert Kennedy delivered his immortal words on the night of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination. “Why don’t we make a monument to peace where all of us can live together, not with walls coming up but with walls tearing down, so we can go forward together.” READ HIS FULL TEXT and watch the presentations Former Indiana Secretary of State, Larry Conrad, had the idea that a monument could commemorate both Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy in the park where Kennedy’s calming remarks were made on the night of King’s assassination. Indiana Pacers CEO Donnie Walsh funded a juried competition for a monument design in 1994 with resources from the newly-formed Pacers Foundation. Indianapolis writer, Greg R. Perry submitted a design concept that was chosen from a pool of 50 submissions. The monument, dedicated in 1995, is constructed from two massive (more…)