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Lost Dog Gallery 1040 E New York St. Indianapolis, Indiana 46201

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Sat, Sep 12, 2020 12:00 PM - Sat, Sep 12, 2020 3:00 PM @ Lost Dog Gallery

Somewhere, something incredible is… Waiting To Be Seen.

A conceptual art exhibit featuring 17 diverse Indiana artists displaying their visions of selected artworks of photography by experimental photographer Darrell Staggs

Coming in September to Lost Dog Gallery in Indianapolis.

Each artist has selected a photographic image, some “predictable” and some ‘abstract/surreal”, and are replicating what they “See” in their own personal style and medium.

It’s learning about Art and how Art works.

“It’s not what you Look at that matters, it’s what you See.”
– Henry David Thoreau

Collectors Night – Thursday, 3-September 6-9pm

Saturday Reception – 12-September 12-3pm

Closing Reception – Friday, 25-September 5-8pm

— Masks Required —

Kylin Brown – Lacy Pearson – JD Bills – Amy Ward – Gary Lynn – Molly Dykstra – Susie Blackmore – Brinton Farrand – Bryan Bromstrup – Lynne Medsker – Kristy Quinn – Cierra Johnson – Jerry Points – Corey J Mills – Linda Wesolowski – Garth Gathers – Jessica Hancock

#WaitingToBeSeen #IndyKeepsCreating #indyartscene #IndyArtists

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